We are always asked about our in house production gear and capabilities. We are primarily a Yamaha & JBL house. We run self powered, full range or bi-amped systems, using Crown, QSC and Sound Barrier products. Processing racks are digital and analog, featuring Behringer, Alesis, Yamaha & DBX.

House Party DJ System or Small Ballroom : SLE DJ 1&2

(2) JBL or Mackie Powered speakers on sticks, single 15’s or single 12’s,

(2) Vocal microphones, (1) direct box
(1) 4 Chanel Mixer

$ 100/Hr Plus labor & trucking

Outdoor : (SLE-PA 2)

(4) JBL or Yamaha  Double 15 FOH cabinets (4) Single 18 Subs

(6) Vocal microphones, (4) Instrument microphones (3) direct boxes
(2) Monitor mixes, (4) monitor wedges (2) Side Fill Cabinets
(1) 12 Chanel mixer
$ 1500.00 Plus labor & trucking
In door Ballroom: (SLE-PA 1)
(4) Yamaha Club Series Double 15 FOH cabinets (4) Single 18 Subs
(10) Vocal microphones, (6) Instrument microphones, (2) direct boxes
(2) Monitor mixes from monitor board, (4) monitor wedges
(1) FOH mixer

$ 1000.00 Day Plus labor & trucking

Our most popular set up is SLE-PA 2 Featuring an L & R main mix from the front of the house position with two monitor mixes on stage. Monitor system consisting of three monitor wedges across the front as mix one. With two side fill cabinets mid stage left and mid stage right as mix two.

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$ 1500.00 Day Plus labor & trucking

(SLE -PA 3) In Door Ballroom & Party PA

JBL Vertex

Microphone packages includes a

 combination of Shure, Audio Technica and Stage Works.


Our Lighting Inventory:
Comprised of, Led's & Old School, Par 56's and Par 64's along with Analog and Digital Controlers
Mixing Boards:
An assortment of Beheringer, Macki, Alesis, Peavey, and Yamaha.